Lettorati and Ricevimento with Mr Owen 5-9 December 2022

Due to Covid, Mr Owen has suspended his lessons and ricevimento for this week.

For any further details throughout the week, students should check the individual class sections on his Moodle page.

January 2023 Exam enrolment

Enrolment is now open for the January 2023 exam session

Enrolment for all exams will close at midnight on 3 January 2023, only students who have enrolled before that date may sit the January 2023 exams.

LM 2nd year written outline deadline

Students planning to take the LM37/38/94 exam on 26 January 2023 should email their written outline to their teacher by Thursday 22 December at the very latest.

Room change

Alice Spencer's LM 1st year Summary writing class on Wednesdays 8 - 10 will now meet in Aldo Moro Room S3

1st year triennale Placement Test

There will be 3 slots for the Placement test on Thursday 24 November: 8.30; 10.00; 11.30

First, read this Admittance Procedures document carefully

Go here to ENROL

Room change

Gerard Dorrity's 3rd year Translation group 10 (Friday 14-16) will now meet in Aldo Moro S8.

1st year triennale Pre-intermediate students - Enrolment OPEN

Download the guidelines.

Mondays 8-10 'Aldo Moro' room S7 from 7/11/22 to 19/12/22 ENROL

Wednesdays 8-10 'Aldo Moro' room S7 from 9/11/22 to 21/12/22 ENROL

Room changes

Thesis discussions are scheduled to take place in the Sala Lauree and so these lessons will be moved as follows:

3rd Year Listening & Summary Gp 3 (prof.ssa Forbes)

Martedì 8/11, 10-12, aula Informatica 2 Moro

Martedì 15/11, 10-12, Sala Lauree ex Lettere - Palazzo Nuovo

2nd Year Grammar & Langauge Gp 4 (prof.ssa Slaviero)

Martedì 8/11, 12-14, aula 3.06 Via Sant'Ottavio 54

Martedì 15/11, 12-14, aula 3.06 Via Sant'Ottavio 54

Martedì 22/11, 12-14, aula 3.06 Via Sant'Ottavio 54

NEW 2nd triennale Mediazione L12 class

Enrolment for a new 2nd year Mediazione class is now open:

Saturday 8 - 10 Gorresio 5 Julie Bradshaw

Incontro studenti livello pre-intermedio e studenti OFA

Si informano le studentesse e gli studenti che hanno raggiunto il livello pre-intermedio al Placement Test che, in data 28 ottobre, si terrà un incontro di presentazione del Corso di Riallineamento A2/B1 presso la Sala Lauree (complesso 'Aldo Moro', terzo piano) alle ore 10.30.

1st Year Triennale Enrolment

One new Advanced class and one new Intermediate class have been added to the timetable

Check the 1st year timetable here in good time before enrolling as classes fill up very quickly once enrolment opens.

Read these Guidelines carefully before enrolling (enrolment opens 22/10 at 10.30)

Lessons are scheduled to begin on 2 November.


Enrolment for new LM 2nd year class

Enrolment for a new LM 2nd year class on Fridays 8-10 opens 22/10 at 10.30


OPEN - Enrolment for classes 2022-23


Si ricorda a tutti gli studenti che l'iscrizione ai lettorati implica l'intenzione di frequentare regolarmente le esercitazioni linguistiche per tutto l'anno.

L'iscrizione non è obbligatoria ai fini del sostenimento della prova finale.

Per questo motivo, la sezione di Anglistica verificherà che l'iscrizione ai lettorati corrisponda a tale intenzione da parte degli studenti.

Remember to check the timetable and read these Guidelines carefully before enrolling


2nd year triennale

3rd year triennale

Laurea Magistrale 1st year

Laurea Magistrale 2nd year