. Language and Literature, group 1 (14-16), Monday, April 15th, 2024

. Conversation lesson (12-14), Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

. Conversation lesson (8-10), Friday, April 19th, 2024

Da venerdì 19 aprile 2024 a giovedì 2 maggio 2024: aggiornamento degli account istituzionali degli studenti

Students are advised to enrol for lettorato exams before 19 April because enrolment requires you to use your UNITO email (see deadlines below)

More details here

A2/B1 refresher course 10/04/2024

Due to injury, tomorrow's lesson will be held on Webex, at the usual time (4-6 p.m.) 

Causa infortunio la lezione di domani si terrà su Webex nel solito orario 16.00 -18.00.

LM 2nd year exam - June 12th and 13th

Students planning to take the Lingua Inglese I exam in May can enrol for the Lettorato 2 exam now - the requirement is that you pass Lingua I BEFORE you sit Lettorato 2.

All students are reminded that the written part of the exam must be emailed to your teacher (non-attending students should email Jemma Robinson) before April 21st.

3rd Year Lettorato exam - May 2nd and 6th

This is a reminder that enrolment for this exam closes at midnight on April 24th

Enrolment May/June exam session open

Please note that enrolment will close at the following times:

1st triennale Midnight Thursday 2/5/24

2nd triennale Midnight Monday 6/5/24

3rd triennale Midnight Wednesday 24/4/24

1st Year LM37/LM94 Translation Midnight Thursday 2/5/24

1st Year LM37/LM38 Summary writing Midnight Thursday 2/5/24

2nd Year LM37/LM38/LM94 oral email your written work to your course teacher by 21/4/24

Enrol now

LM 2nd year presentation - June exam

The deadline for presenting the obligatory written component of the exam and information for non-attending students can be found here.

Conversation groups

For semester II, one-hour conversation classes are available each week for 1st year (triennale) Advanced students who took the exam in January and wish to maintain an interactive contact with English and for second-year (triennale) students preparing for the oral exam.

There are 4 groups/week for each year - Go to Moodle to book your session - you will need your SCU - unito credentials

Nuove Matricole 2023-24

Procedure per l'accesso al primo anno del Lettorato di Lingua Inglese AA 2023-24

1st , 2nd , 3rd Year triennale exams - Holding over a mark

Since each of these exams comprise two parts, students may now keep a pass mark from the first part when they fail the overall exam. Both parts must be taken together in the same initial session before the decision to keep the part 1 result is made.

A pass mark of 12/20 for 1st year Use of English/ Grammar and 9/15 for 2nd Year can be held over for the two subsequent sessions - students will only be required to sit the 1st Year Dictation or 2nd Year oral.

Similarly, a mark of 9/15 or higher for either 3rd Year Translation or 3rd Year Listening and Summary will be considered valid for the two subsequent sessions. Both parts must be taken together in the same initial session.

Students must request their mark to be held over. When the final results are posted on there will be a link to a form where students can opt to keep their Part 1 result valid for the next two exam sessions

Students will have 3 days in which to communicate their decision via this form - do not email teachers.

Students who wish to "refuse" a final pass mark can do so in the usual way by emailing the co-ordinator for each year within 3 days of the results being posted.